5th Swiss WTBF 2018 Rule and Regulations

Tournament Date: 27.10.2018

Application Closing Date: 15.10.2018
Tournament Draw Schedule Finalised: 18.10.2018

Venue :

Dreifachturnhalle Sunnegrund
6312 Steinhausen

Registration and Fees

Online: Email (sujevan.thiyagarajah@outlook.com or wtbfswiss@gmail.com) with [name, adress, DoB, Handy, E-Mail, your disciplin)

Whatsapp: 079 910 35 81 (Suji); 077 920 44 82 (Rajan)
Men Single C / D / NL: 20.00 CHF
Women Single C / D / NL: 20.00 CHF
Men Double B / C / D / NL: 20.00 CHF/each ; Women Double as well. 

Car Parking

Free car parking is available at the venue.


  • The only applicants who paid the fees on or before the closing date will be considered in the development of tournament draw schedule.
  • Application closing date will not be extended and all the candidates are required to pay the fees on or before the closing date.
  • Candidates with any other shoes are not allowed to participate only indoor Shoes allowed.
  • A complete draw schedule for the day will be available 30 minutes before the start time. All the participants are required to present at the allocated court number at least 10 minutes before their match start time.
  • All the matches will be played as per WTBF rules and regulations and the tournament committee has full authority to change the point system and match schedule at any time.
  • Only play with feather shuttles (AS30). 
  • WTBF has no liability for any injury occurs during the tournament and all the participants are required to arrange their own insurance
  • All the participants are required to present their ID proof (Passport or driver’s licence) to verify their names and age.